Friday, August 19, 2011

Tell me I can't. Laugh at me. Taunt me. One more time. Underestimate me. Comment about my incapabilities. One more time. When I prove you wrong, Call it luck. Take me lightly. One more time. hen you realize You were wrong; That I'm not weak, But strong. Don't admire me. Don't accept your fault. Don't stop stepping on me. I implore you. Your belief that I was incapable Is what made me stronger.

Tell me I can't, Just One.More.Time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"If you are not able to dig out the booger in your nostril, it doesn't mean the booger is not there at all."

-Baba Sankdev

Sunday, March 13, 2011

As it seems

You stand by the window
Starin at the rain
You hope for the sunshine
To take away the pain

Nothin's ever as it seems
I thought I saw a bird
But my mind was swimmin
With your every word

Tell me, is this real
Or am I dead
I wish I felt blank
There's pain instead

There's a rainbow
Across the sky
But you see just black
I don't know why

Nothin's ever as it seems
I thought I saw you fly
But it's just me
Don't know why I cry

Cos nothin's ever as it seems
Nothin's ever as it seems
Roll back, enjoy the dreams
Nothin's ever as it seems.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Let 'em be

Theyr the kinda boys
Who love to fall
Just so they can get up

Break open the TV
Just to see
If you can put it back together like them toys!

They wanna run out and heel
In the dark
Just so they can mess with them owls

Theyr the kinda boys
Who fall in love
Just so they know how broken hearts feel

They wanna learn
To make soothin' tunes
Just so they can break them guitars

They wanna practice patience
Just so they can enjoy
Moments of anger they yearn!

Theyr the kinda boy
Who make frens
Just to see how backstabs feel like

Don't pick up them fallen boys
They don't wan' yer pity
Yel'll jus get them annoy

They'll get up just fine
They'll dust them wounds
Turn back, smile
And jump off them cliffs.

All the riffs
Hooting owls, those harsh growls
Soothing tunes, raging dunes

Let 'em be
Let 'em boys be.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Moment of Silence

One moment of silence. That’s all it takes. That one moment, when all the noise around fades away, when the voices in your mind disappear. That one moment, when you are on your knees in front of the lady, with a ring in your hand. That one moment, when you are half way through your jump, just before you bowl that wicket taking ball. One moment of silence, before you walk out of the crowd to stop injustice. Just one moment.
The one moment, when the weightlifter, poised, looks straight into space. That one moment, when Obama breathes out before stepping out on the stage. It can give you a lot, that one moment. Because at that one moment, you are the only one ready. At that exact moment, the boxer in front of you has no idea that you have just had your moment of silence.
It doesn’t come easy, that moment of silence. Have you ever just stared directly at a light, and it suddenly seems to disappear? It’s like that. When your mind is bombarded with all the noise, all the pressure with the force of a thousand meteors, that is when you have your moment of silence. That moment, when reason has no value. When it’s all suddenly clear, when you suddenly know what to do. That is what millions probably wish for. That moment when everything will make sense. That is probably why they meditate, pray, scream, cry. Because they want that moment. They want it so bad, but they can’t have it. That is probably what the greatest saints and villans of the world have mastered. To have that moment of silence at will.
Don’t worry. You will have your moment of silence. When it is needed, your mind will enforce that momentary shut down to recharge the neurons. When you master the art of willfully gaining that silent moment, that, my friend, is when you will seize life. That is when you will realize, that I’M SO BLANKED OUT RIGHT NOW, THAT I WANTED TO WRITE SHIT AND WASTE YOUR TIME.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Sights, sounds & sparkling stars
Neon moons & celestal wars;
Robotic bats, laser eyed cats
Flying saucers & gals with plats.

Nuclear gum & Helium balloons
Flying skateboards, TV & Cartoons;
Greenish gutter, frying pan & Alu Mutter
Shining diamonds, plastic almonds!

Freezing water on my face
Wait a minute, where’s this place??
Alright I’m home after all
God bless Alcohol.

Yeah, I know, not my best poem. I don't care. Blip.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mine, All Mine

Look at her eyes,
Look at her hair,
I can’t blame the men,
Who can’t help but stare!

She walks into a room,
And without even a smile,
She lights up the hearts
Of all men in a mile

They say she doesn’t talk much,
But she can’t stop with me,
I can’t believe the lucky man
Could ever be me!

Why she chose to be with me
I can’t comprehend,
But I hope this living dream,
Does never end.

I’d climb mountains
Dark, tall and steep
To run my hand through her hair
To watch her sleep!

All you other men,
Burn with jealousy and whine;
But I ain’t letting go off her;
This angel’s mine, All Mine.